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Prof. (Dr.) M.S. Krupashankara



Prof. (Dr.) Krupashankara.M.S, Registrar, RV University brings in 30 years of experience of academics, research, start up, consultancy, service in government institutions and private industries.

He has inter-disciplinary degrees, Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Mysore, Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Maryland, College Park, USA and a Ph.D degree with specialization in Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing of metals and polymers from Visvesvaraya Technological University. He has worked in multi-disciplinary domains and with members from different nationalities such as Korea, USA, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia and Russia. He therefore believes that the future is for those who are multi-disciplinary and creative in their approach to problem solving. He is keen on providing RV University students an environment that fosters these qualities.

Teaching-learning is no longer limited to classroom, with digital world in their palm, students have unlimited access to information, as Principal, of Goa College of Engineering, he identified the skills in the student and mentor them to become successful professionals. He plans to continue the same at RV University.

He has seven US patents and has received international awards. He has served as a consultant to National Labs in India and USA. He has served RV Institutions for 13 years and develop new processes in the area of thin films, magnetic materials, microwave processing for Department of Science and Technology & Department of Defence. He is committed to imparting scientific thinking with human values, managing resources such as time, knowledge, finance and most importantly communication and leadership skills to the students of RV University.

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