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Dr. Srinivasan Lakshminarayanan

Adjunct Associate professor

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I am interested in exploring social constructivist learning environments and developing learning communities. In my recent past. I have been looking at system dynamics of economic sustainability, pass percentages, placements, and true learning of students. To feel and claim helplessness as an individual is a comfortable way out. But, I believe we can find improvements within what is in control of the teacher. Hence I believe in contributing to participatory action research, teacher action research, and design-based research as means to improve teachers, learning communities, and thereby education.

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Influenced by "cooperation, unity, organization, dialogue"(Paulo Freire) leading to culture synthesis.

Srinivasan, Lakshminarayanan., N. J. Rao., Meghana, G.K. (2021). Transformative Learning in Mastery-oriented CS0 Course. Higher Education for Future.

Srinivasan, Lakshminarayanan & N. J. Rao (2021). Improving Integrity in CS1 course using Formative-assessment and Version Control Tools. Higher Education for Future.

Srinivasan, Lakshminarayanan & N. J. Rao (2021). Metacognitive Instruction for Teaching Programming Beyond Teaching Programs. [Submitted for Publication].

Srinivasan, Lakshminarayanan & N. J. Rao (2021). Types and Time of Interaction for Teaching Introductory Programming using Instruction Method of Extreme Apprenticeship.

  • Educational Technology - Evaluation, Training and Adoption
  • Education Analytics - Data driven formative assessment
  • Computer Science Education Research - Pedogogicaly intervention, reserach methodology, teacher training.
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