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The Center for Applied and Responsible AI (CARA) is dedicated to advancing the integration of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies while maintaining ethical standards and promoting sustainable development. Our primary goal is to push the boundaries of AI research and development by conducting thorough investigations into new AI algorithms, methodologies, and applications across various fields.

CARA specializes in a wide array of application domains, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, smart cities, and agriculture. Our expertise covers the entire range of AI-driven solutions, enabling us to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation in multiple sectors. We offer development of AI-based applications, assistance in writing research papers for high-impact journals, and undergraduate research internships both domestically and internationally.

Additionally, CARA organizes seminars and workshops for undergraduate and PhD students. These events provide opportunities to engage with leading-edge research topics, explore emerging AI trends, and gain practical experience through hands-on exercises and discussions.

Through our comprehensive services and educational initiatives, CARA fosters a collaborative environment where industry and academia converge to advance AI research, innovation, and responsible deployment for societal benefit.



Dr. P. Karthikeyan
Center Head
Prof. Sheba Pari Prof. Sheba Pari
Prof. Evlin Vidyu Latha Prof. Evlin Vidyu Latha
Dr Merin Thomas Dr Merin Thomas


Dr. Pao-Ann Hsiung
Director, Research Center on AI and Sustainable Development, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
Prof. Dr. S. Mani Murugan Prof. Dr. S. Mani Murugan
Professor and Head in Scientific Research, Faculty of Computers and Information Technology, University of Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

CARA’s activities and community engagement initiatives:

Student and Early Career Researcher Programs:

CARA offers programs to support students and early career researchers interested in ethical and applied AI. These include research internships, mentorship opportunities, and funding for innovative projects.

Community Engagement and Education Initiatives:

CARA conducts community outreach programs, including workshops, seminars, and public discussions, to raise awareness about the ethical implications of AI. These initiatives aim to demystify AI technologies and promote informed dialogue among schools, local organizations, and the general public.

Collaborations / Partnerships

CARA collaborates with various academic and research institutions, including National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan and the University of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia.

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