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The School of Computer Science and Engineering at RV University focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and creative skills, communication, trade skills, data analysis & data science to deal with complexity and ambiguity,. All programmes of the school offer an opportunity to the students to work closely with all stakeholders, industries, government policymakers, researchers, think tanks and global organizations.


Explore the various programmes offered at the School of Computer Science and Engineering that fulfil all academic and industrial requirements. Students are facilitated with classroom education along with projects, research work, seminars, educational tours, workshops, and more to enhance their career prospects right from the beginning.

Btech-hons AT RVU
B.Com (Hons.)

Highlights of RV University

The RV University edge

  • 8 decades legacy of RV Educational Institutions for academic excellence
  • Outstanding and highly qualified faculty members
  • Interdisciplinary learning to meet the challenges of the new world
  • Carefully planned curriculum that enables students to be industry-ready
  • Located in the vibrant city of Bengaluru with a plethora of job and entrepreneurship opportunities

Student-first approach

  • Student involvement in research starting from Undergraduate level
  • Generous merit scholarships for deserving students

Excellent curriculum and choices

  • Five inter-disciplinary Schools that complement each other through a choice of Majors and Minors, thus creating an unbeatable portfolio
  • Excellent curriculum framed in consultation with top academics and industry experts
  • Interesting choice of Major-Minor combinations with various specializations

Collaborations and Partnerships

  • International collaborations: Essex University, Siena, Edinburgh Napier University, Sofia University, The Artie University of Norway, University of Latvia and many others
  • National partners: IFB, Mu-Sigma, Titan, GoDigit, Kotak Bank, GRAM, I IelpAge India, International Bridges to Justice, Human Rights Alert, The Kohima Institute, O.P.Jindal Global University, SVYM, SICHREM, IRM, Nature Dots, AINNI, Talentedge, Sochara and CHRI

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