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The discipline of Economics is known as the Queen of Social Sciences for its ability to analyse and interrogate social reality with the rigour and precision of natural sciences. The strength of the discipline lies not only in its ability to understand social processes, but also in its commitment to analyse and predict changes in society through theorisations, mathematical modelling and data analysis. Thus the foundational principles and methods of economics transcends many disciplinary boundaries and is applied to address and analyse a wide variety of problems in multiple fi today’s world, the discipline has become the grand entry point to careers in various exciting fields, some tried and tested, such as in government administration, policy making, business administration, banking, law and academics and teaching, and some in new and emerging areas such as data analytics, actuaries and financial management, public policy and the development sector. Students of economics have excelled in each of these fields as the discipline provides students with a framework of understanding, research tools, and a problem solving approach that can be applied and adapted to study a wide range of issues.


Learning at the School of Economics at RV University focuses on holistic education that creates critical thinking individuals with strong disciplinary understanding, broad perspective of issues and problems gained through multiple lenses, and hands-on experiences and skills to take on challenges and solve problems at the workplace and in real life. The School strives to provide a space where students are able to pursue their interests, satisfy their curiosities and excel in any field they choose. To facilitate such an education, the curriculum at SOE balances theoretical courses with courses that are based on practical applications, skills, and experiential learning. Students get the freedom to choose courses from within and outside of their disciplinary boundaries, and specialise in areas of their choice. Students are encouraged to take up research, projects and self-study to stimulate their critical and analytical abilities and become independent thinkers and practitioners.

The faculty at SOE come with rich experience in teaching, research and work experience in different fields of knowledge and industries. They bring in their insights from their own experiences into their teaching. They are facilitators and mentors who help students to learn from, but think outside of textbooks. Each student who enrols at SOE are unique in their potential, and the faculty are committed to recognize the uniqueness in each student and nurture them to grow to their full potential.

Schoold of Economics & Finance


Explore the various programmes offered at the School of Economics and Finance that fulfil all academic and industrial requirements. Students are facilitated with classroom education along with projects, research work, seminars, educational tours, workshops, and more to enhance their career prospects right from the beginning.

M.A. (Economics)

Postgraduate Programme

B.A. (Hons.) (Economics)

Undergraduate Programme

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Prof. (Dr.) Dwarika Prasad Uniyal

Professor and Dean, School of Economics & Finance

Dean’s Message

My Dear Students,

Welcome to R V University. It is a new age academic place fully committed to create a unique platform for teachers, students, industry and civil society.

Learning is a lifelong process and we are truly committed to provide this opportunity to all our stakeholders. The School of Economics and Finance is not a typical B School. It is in fact a multi-disciplinary place which will work at the intersection of technology, business, economics, public policy, creativity and design thinking. Our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes will be co-created and co-delivered with the Industry and draw inputs from Government as well as Not For Profit Sectors.

We believe in the three pillars of a student’s learning Journey – Knowing, Doing & Being.

We are like a startup and hence welcome you to be part of this exciting journey to be the Founding Batch of this University. We seek entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers, creators. We want to nurture talent across domains and bring a truly multi-disciplinary liberal education to the masses. We truly believe that a good education is the only way to create nation builders and we want to contribute towards that endeavour.

Welcome to RV University, Come, let’s change the world.

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