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The School of Design at RV University, one of the best design schools in Bangalore would encourage students to work collaboratively. With dedicated studio spaces, students would acquire and hone skills and learn design theories, methods and processes that would help develop and refine their ideas which would address the problem identified in a holistic manner. Our curriculum would emphasize on Hand Skills, Digital Skills, Specialization Specific Skills, User Research, Knowledge of Making, Materials, Processes, Sensitivity to Aesthetics, Knowledge of Humans and their behavior, Society, Culture and Environment.


Explore the B.Des and M.Des programmes offered at the School of Design and Innovation that fulfil all academic and industrial requirements. Students at this top design school in Bangalore are facilitated with classroom education along with projects, research work, seminars, educational tours, workshops, and more to enhance their career prospects right from the beginning.

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Prof. Vinay Mundada

Professor and Dean, School of Design and Innovation

Dean’s Message

During the last two decades there has been considerable happenings in the design education scene in the country. Many IITs, NITs, IIITs, SPAs, State Universities, Deemed Universities, Private Universities as well as stand-alone institutes have started bachelor’s level as well as master’s level programmes in various disciplines of design over the last two decades or so.

Design education has come a long way since its evolution at Bauhaus during the age of the Industrial Revolution. Most universities and institutes of design education around the globe have evolved their curricula to suit the requirements of an ever-changing global and local scenario in which designers operate. Design educators across the globe acknowledge the need for design curricula to be contextualized and integrated with modern perspectives, while retaining the core strengths of design pedagogy that differentiates design as a discipline distinctly from art and science. Design does not operate in isolation. Designers do more than create beautiful or ugly products; they also contribute positive or negative influences in our lives. This makes it necessary for design curricula to provide interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary exposure to gear up students to tackle design problems with a holistic approach and to make things work within practical constraints.

Because design needs to be taught as an integrated discipline, the School of Design and Innovation at RV University would ensure that the learning takes place from different disciplines, contexts, and methodologies. The Design school in Bangalore would network with agencies in other fields, so that students are presented with varied experiences to learn from. The process here would be multidisciplinary. Our design courses in Bangalore will have a curriculum that will draw from the knowledge of other schools of the University and facilitate learning from other disciplines essential for addressing the issues faced by human beings and our planet. Let me welcome the design aspirants to the world of design at RV University where one would inculcate a habit of lifelong learning and inquiry, leading to the advancement of one’s well-being.

We shall create and promote the culture of co-creation in our Design school where mentors and students would find and build solutions together. Our design courses in Bangalore will ensure continuity of the projects leading to its completion stage to be useful to the human kind. In this journey having active engagement of students with the Industry on or off the campus would be very important.

We, at RV University would like to invite you and welcome you to the wonderful ‘World of Design’!

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