Cancellation & Refund Policy – RV University

Cancellation & Refund Policy:
Cancellation and Refund of Fees (Academic Fees, Hostel and Mess Fees) shall be governed by the following rules-

Point of time when Student applies for withdrawal / cancellation of admission Percentage of Refund of Fees Paid
15 days or more before July 15th 100% (After deducting Processing Charges of Rs. 5000/- or 5% of fees paid)
Less than 15 days before July 15th 90%
15 days or less after July 15th 80%
30 days or less, but more than 15 days after July 15th 50%
More than 30 days after July 15th 00%

1- In case the admission of the student is canceled on account of disciplinary action or violation of Anti Ragging Regulations or breach of code of conduct or any other Rules and Regulations of the University, no refund of fees is permissible.

2- Entrance Examinations Fees / Application Form Fees are non- refundable.

3- In any other case which is not covered in the above Rules, the decision would be taken by the Vice-Chancellor.

4- Under the circumstance of cancellation because of any disciplinary action no refund will be paid against any Academic and/ or Hostel and/ or Other Fees.

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