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In the pursuit of technological advancement, the Centre for IoT and Edge Computing envisions a future where innovation empowers humanity to thrive. This center is proposed as a dynamic hub that brings together visionary leaders, pioneering researchers, industry experts, and passionate enthusiasts to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the convergence of IoT and Edge Computing technologies.

The group will identify use cases, develop prototypes, and customize solutions that will make it faster, easier, and more cost effective in the areas of industrial IOT, healthcare, smart city, smart office, smart farming, smart energy, smart home and assistive technologies.


In the growing and evolving technological landscape, the convergence of IoT and Edge Computing has ignited a revolutionary change with the potential to extensively transform industries and daily lives. To harness the power of the stated topics, the Center for IoT and Edge Computing is introduced. This pioneer initiative serves as a nexus where like-minded researchers, industry experts and enthusiasts come together to drive progress in diverse fields such as Edge Computing, Image Processing, IoT in Healthcare, Assistive Technologies and Computational Offloading. Alongside, AI would be applied as a methodology to bring automation in all the above mentioned fields.

The center focuses on bridging visionaries, research and development, education and training, industry collaborations projects which offers a collaborative ecosystem, exploring different frontiers, empowering young minds and cultivating integration respectively.

This initiative contributes to the betterment of humanity in technological advancements by collaboration and research in IoT and edge computing which makes daily experiences more efficient and seamless. Exploring IoT applications leads to improved monitoring, diagnostics and personalized treatments for patients. The focus on assistive technologies helps individuals with disabilities, providing them tools and fulfilling their lives. Image processing contributes to humanity by revolutionizing biomedical research, security etc. by analysis of visual data. The computational offloading improves energy efficiency, performance and security and also improves resource access.



The ChipTech Students Club at RVU organized the LogicBegin event on October 25th, 2023, as a part of the Center for IoT and Edge Computing. The targeted audience for this event comprised first-semester students enrolled in the B.Tech.programme at the School of Computer Science and Engineering. The event aimed to enhance their practical skills in preparation for the laboratories integral to the Digital Systems and Computer Architecture (DSCA) course.

Participants had the opportunity to interact with basic electronic components, immersing themselves in the realm of digital logic. Third-semester SoCSE students took on the roles of mentors and guides, ensuring that the participants were familiar with the components, addressing questions, and exchanging ideas to prepare them for upcoming labs.

The course mandated students to delve into IC fundamentals and demonstrate the construction of logic circuits. Additionally, they learned how to utilize logic gates and ICs to build Boolean expressions, ranging from basic to complex. This insightful experience proved crucial for beginners’ early engineering careers, serving as a real eye-opener.

Circuitrix-Light Up RVU

The Centre of IOT and Edge Computing & Chiptech Club RVU organized a project exhibition, “Circuitrix – Light up RVU”, electrifying exhibition on the theme of lights on 20 th December 2023. The event was inaugurated by Prof. Ajay Gupta & Prof. Rekha Gupta, Department of Computer Science, Old Dominion University, Verginia. The exhibition focused on incorporating creative and visually striking lighting elements into technological solutions through Electrifying Electronic Circuits & Systems. The first-year B.Tech, SoCSE students demonstrated technical prowess, aesthetic appeal, and practical applications in their projects, showcasing the exciting possibilities of merging electronics with visual impact. It fostered and motivated them to apply their knowledge in practical applications and also prepared them to work in teams.Close to 100 projects were put up by the students.


Members (Internal and External)

Single Point Of Contact :

Prof. Chandramouleeswaran Sankaran , Professor, SoCSE, RVU &

Dr. Vidya M J , Assistant Professor, SoCSE, RVU.

External Subject Matter Expert:

Mr. Girish Kumar, Founder at T Squared IOT Labs

Mr. Santosh Narayanan, GPU Power Modeling Architect, Intel Corp.

Industry Connect:

Mr. Swamynathan, 5G Architect, HP CMS.

SoCSE Members

  1. Chandramouleeswaran Sankaran, Professor, SoCSE,
  2. Dr. Vidya M J, Asst.Professor, SoCSE,RVU,
  3. Mydhili K Nair, B. Tech Head, SoCSE, RVU,
  4. CVSN, Associate Professor, SoCSE, RVU,
  5. Veena S, Assistant Professor, SoCSE, RVU,
  6. Rutuparna N, Assistant Professor, SoCSE, RVU,

Key Research Areas

  • Edge Computing
  • Application of Edge solution on Healthcare
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Device level Automation in Agriculture & Healthcare
  • Computational offloading
  • Industrial IoT
  • Intelligent IoT
  • Edge resource management including Distributed Computing

The Centre for IoT & Edge Computing works for specialized areas owned by faculty specialized in that specific Area Track as tabulated below.

The Centre for IoT & Edge Computing works for specialized areas owned by faculty specialized in that specific Area Track as tabulated below.

Area Track Name SPOC
AI in Edge Computing Prof. Chandramouleeswaran Sankaran
IoT in Healthcare Dr. Vidya M J
Image Processing Prof. CVSN Reddy
Assistive Technologies Dr. Mydhili K Nair
Computational Offloading Prof. Veena S


Internships will be offered to the interested students where focused problem definitions will be provided to them. Working on these problems will allow the students to work on a part of a larger research problem, and equip them with technical and non-technical skills that are required in the industry and academia.

Future Events Planned

  • Student Internships: The Centre for Distributed Computing aims to have tie-ups with Industry and Hospitals in and around Bengaluru. Through these, we aim to provide summer internships to our under-graduate students in industry or within the center.
  • Guest Lectures – by Industry Experts to our undergraduate students & research scholars on upcoming, relevant topics. A few topics have also been identified for immediate delivery.
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