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RV University is a culturally diverse university, recognized for its excellence in international collaboration, research, and education. We aim to be a leading institution that empowers students, faculty, and staff to engage in meaningful cross-border collaborations, fostering innovation and addressing global challenges together.

The International Office is expanding its horizon to cover the countries across the globe bringing all the available knowledge for its students and ensuring them to become global talents. The office is inclined to foster global partnerships, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and expanding the institution’s global footprint.

RV University has partnered with the following universities to promote various forms of academic collaborations. The Educational co-operation proposed through these collaborations concentrates on areas of semester exchange, year exchange, Dual degree Programs, joint research programs, faculty exchange, academic assistance for doctoral research students, cultural exchange and summer schools.

International Delegations

Student Exchange Program

  • Michigan State University – USA

    Under the agreement signed with James Madison College, Michigan State University, RV University facilitated a group of visiting students for a period of 9 days. The students developed an understanding on Cultural, Horticulture, Environment, Sustainable agriculture, Urban Development, Indian Heritage, Small industries with experimental community farm campus experience. They visited Kannada Film show, few historic places and Small sector industries with an exploratory tour to Mysore during their short visit.

  • Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU) – Thailand

    In January students from School of Business will be undergoing the semester exchange with DPU. They will choose 5 courses each bearing 3 credits (total of 15 credits) from the choice of International Business Management, Business Operations in AEC and China, International Marketing strategies, Regional Business Environment, International Trade and Finance, New Economy and Cultures of AEC countries and China; Digital Entrepreneurship; Capstone Business Project in International Business; Introduction to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Mathematics and Statistics. The second batch of students will go to Thailand in August with a exchange from DPU Thailand in the year. Around 4 students per batch will get the fee waiver and get benefited with an extension of 8 students in August from School of Business and School of Computer Science and Engineering.

Memorandum of Understanding

  • MoU with University of Nicosia, Cyprus

    In November 2023, RV University has signed an MoU with University of Nicosia, Cyprus, for semester exchange of students from Bachelors in Business Management with an extension to service to students of other streams too. There are around 200+ students who will get the benefit of this collaboration currently. Studying in Cyprus may be interesting for many students, as in addition to the well-ranked universities in the country, the cost of studying in Cyprus is also very reasonable. Cyprus provides a great opportunity for students to study in different fields such as finance, art, music, and medical and paramedical fields. The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is one of the leading comprehensive research-oriented universities in the Mediterranean region, committed to teaching, research and innovation, sustainability, societal engagement and contribution to culture. Along with the exchange, RV University will be part of the Erasmus Program where our faculty and students who are interested in the Research will get benefitted.

  • MoU with Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)

    RV University signed an MoU with Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), a private design school in Italy. The school has four disciplines: Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management, spread over Milan, Turin, Venice, Cagliari, Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid and São Paulo. The MoU will be useful for semester exchange for our students from School of Design and Innovation.


  • RV University hosted an international scholar, Prof. Baingio Pinna, Full Professor of Experimental Psychology and Vision Science, University of Sassari, Italy, last week, under the ERASMUS+ programme. Prof. Pinna has a PhD in Experimental Psychology, Visual Perception, and Psychophysics from the University of Padua, Italy.
  • The path-breaking Pinna Illusion is named after Prof. Baingio Pinna.
    This illusion (see attached image) shows a rotating motion effect produced when edged squares are grouped in two concentric rings.
  • Prof. Pinna’s research interests lie in visual illusions; psychophysical investigation and experimental phenomenology of visual processes (spatial vision, motion perception, color vision, shape perception, perceptual meaning); perceptual organization; tourism Psychology; vision science and art; and visual design.
  • Prof. Pinna gave two talks: “Object and Face Perception: When the Whole Is Equal to the Sum of Its Parts”. In this talk, Prof. Pinna shared with students and faculty the results of his experiments on face perception. In his experiments, subjects were given three main tasks: a description task (subjects were asked to freely describe an object, using language), a free pictorial task (free drawing/painting of an object, e.g. “draw a face”), and a pictorial reproduction task (drawing a copy of an object that was shown to the subjects). These tasks were carried out with children and adults. Prof Pinna shared the surprising results of the experiments with the audience. With younger children, there seems to be a reference image / icon, for instance, of a face, which the subjects drew irrespective of the image they were asked to copy. For instance, they always drew faces with the eyes facing forward, even if they were asked to copy a face shown in side profile. (Think Peppa Pig!) The experiments also have implications for the study of whole and parts in visual perception.
  • The second talk was titled “The Syntax Organization of Visual Attributes”. The term “syntax” is normally used in connection with language and its grammatical form. It refers to the organization and arrangement of words to form sentences. In this talk, Prof. Pinna spoke of the syntax of visual attributes, i.e. how the arrangement of shape, color, etc. can create well-formed phenomenal images.
  • Prof. Pinna’s visit was facilitated by the Office of Research of RV University, headed by the Dean- Research, Prof. Lakshmi Arya Thathachar. The talks were organized in collaboration with the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the School of Design & Innovation. RVU is currently in the process of forging a collaboration with the University of Sassari. Sharing some images from the talks.
  • The School of Economics, RV University is delighted to host Professor Manimoy Paul, Associate Professor, Siena College, New York for two talks at our campus recently. This is the first activity under our MOU with Siena College, New York. In one talk with the students on hashtag#highereducation in hashtag#usa and hashtag#international hashtag#careers, he urged them to go in for Ph. D. abroad instead of Masters. Outlining three essential things for success, he emphasized the importance of focus, goal and making an effort through acquisition of knowledge. He observed that there is a need to study demand for jobs in any sector through reports of Bureau of Labor Statistics etc. and take an informed decision. Dr Manimoy Paul also shared his research on “Socio-Economic Factors Explaining Resistance to COVID Vaccine: Case Study of US”.
  • RV University signed an MoU with Kanagawa University, Japan. The collaboration will include semester exchange and summer immersion programs across our schools, alongwith Joint Research programs, Joint Webinars and visiting faculty for Japan language learning center on our campus. Prof. Stefan Buchenberger also conducted sessions for our students from all the schools.
  • Dr. Keith Webster, Dean of Libraries and Director of Emerging and Interactive Media Initiatives with Prof. Rebacca Lombardi, Director of Admissions, The Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) from Carnegie Mellon University for a distinguished talk with our students on “Higher Education Opportunities with Carnegie Mellon University”.
  • Chancellor of SMK University of Applied Sciences and KSU | Kazimiero Simonavičiaus universitetas Ms. Gabija Skučaitė, visited RV University to meet the Deans and develop an understanding of the different schools to discuss the matching collaboration areas.
  • Mgr. Jitka Lidaříková Vice Rector for External Relations, Moravian Business College Olomouc (MVSO) Czech Republic visited RV University to understand and discuss the summer immersion program for our students for the School of Business and Economics.
  • Dr. Marizol Perez, Associate Dean of Graduate Initiatives, Department of Psychology from Arizona State University to meet our Psychology major students from School of Liberal Arts and Sciences with a session on “ Safeguarding our Future- A Disciplinary approach to tackle existential risks of Artificial Intelligence.
  • RV University hosted US Judges and Jurists under the India-US Law & Justice Forum on “The Role of Judiciary in Protecting the Rule of Law and Promoting Access to Justice” to give an understanding of the global perspective to our students from School of Law.
  • Dr. Stephen Boehm, Dept Chair of Psychology along with Dr. Bethany Neal-Beliveau, Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Psychology Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA to our RV University campus on September 19th, 2023. Students were so excited to understand “Insights into research areas of Psychology in USA” – a session conducted by them.
  • Presidential delegation from York University led by President and Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Rhonda Lenton along with Dean Alice J. Hovorka, J.J. (John-Justin) McMurtry, Peter Y. Park, Rui Wang, Julie Lafford, MBA, visited RV University with meetings to understand the different schools and discussing collaboration areas. A Distinguished Public Lecture by Prof. (Dr.) Rhonda Lenton, President and Vice Chancellor of York University on “The India-Canada Higher Education Partnership: In Pursuit of Excellence, Inclusion and Empowerment” was also conducted for the students. Among other things, she urged the students to become flexible and agile leaders and acquire skills. The questions from the students ranged from joint research projects to nursing robots, fascinated the Speaker.

Services Provided

1. Open Houses

The International Office conducts regular open houses with the students who are inclined to explore the opportunities outside India. They are open to all informal/formal interactions with the students to provide maximum support to our students who are keen to study abroad on semester exchange, year exchange, study abroad on higher education, research related queries.

2. Student Counselling sessions

The International Office encourages the students w0069th specific queries w.r.t. their interest or choice of universities or any required documents can also request one on one counselling after attending open houses. The team from international office will be available to counsel the students on regular basis and support them to narrow down their choices with a smooth transition.

3. Support application process

The International Office team will support the students from RVU in preparing the documents for application. The support will be provided for all the documents including SOP, Visa formalities, Language proficiency requirements and any other requirements as per the country they are applying to, ensuring easy visa process.

4. Pre departure Briefing

The international office also ensures during the pre-departure briefing session that the students get well versed and acquainted with the countries, their culture and travel requirements, currency exchange, flight bookings, accommodation, insurance etc.

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Contact Details

Ms. Hemlata Sharma

Director of International Office, RV University

Ms. Sharma holds Bachelors in Science from Delhi University, double Masters in HR and Sociology, Certifications in Politics and Economics of International Energy (SciencesPo); Political Governance and Public Policy in Russia (Saint Petersberg University); Global Diplomacy (University of London); Power and Foreign Policy in International Relations (O P Jindal Global University). Having 27+ years of work experience with UN, Embassies, Development sector, Universities in India, currently she takes care of developing international partnerships across the globe. She is a Microfinance consultant and has also worked in monitoring & evaluation of projects in Education, Health, NRM, Disaster Management with their implementation during her work tenure.

Before joining us, she was working with O P Jindal Global University, guiding the students for the School of Government and Public Policy, School of Environment and Sustainability and School of International Affairs with relevant internships, capstone and placements. She has worked on MoUs with different universities and CSR Conclave on SDGs during her tenure.

Mobile: 9013342120

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