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Rta Centre for Science Innovation is an interdisciplinary hub dedicated to advancing research and education at the intersection of science and computational methodologies. With a primary emphasis on collaborative research and science education, the centre spans various domains of research, including but not limited to:

  • Material discovery using Machine learning and Deep Learning.
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Computational study in sensor development.
  • Computational study in genomics and biophysics
  • Dynamical Systems and simulation, Bifurcation Theory, Computational physics; Probabilistic motion planning in robotic navigation.
  • Application of Machine learning and deep learning for Astronomical study
  • Science and Technology of Music

Research Grant

The centre has received a research grant of 30 Lakhs from Department of Science and Technology in the area of Sensor development using nanomaterial.

Community service

The centre places a significant emphasis on community service, specifically geared towards enhancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in rural schools. This involves deploying individuals to various schools in rural villages, where the primary objective is to inspire and empower students, fostering a genuine interest in STEM education. Recognizing the importance of extending educational opportunities to underserved areas, the centre is dedicated to instilling enthusiasm for STEM subjects among students in rural communities.


On February 23rd, an important milestone was achieved as a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was officially signed between RV University and Adventure in Science India (AISI), an NGO affiliated with Adventures in Science, USA. AISI is dedicated to enhancing STEM education in rural schools across different regions of India. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment between RV University and AISI to contribute towards the improvement of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, particularly in rural areas of the country.


  1. G Shruthi, Kruthika SM Reddy, Anshika Garg , Baishali G and K Saara “A comparative study of reduced graphene oxide synthesized through different techniques for UV-C radiation detection application” Physica Scripta, IOP publishing.Scopus Q1
  2. G Anshika, V Koushal, Baishali G, V Radhakrishna, G Shruthi , K Saara “ Pixelated large Area detectors on Silicon based X-ray Detector, accepted for publication at Physica Scripta, IOP Publishing. Scopus Q1
  3. Anshika G, Shruthi G, Koushal V, Kruthika S M, Radhakrishna V, Baishali G ”Development of a reduced graphene oxide-based X-ray detector for Space applications” presented at the 9th World Congress on Recent Advances on Nanotechnology 2024, held at Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom.(to be published in a scopus indexed Conference Proceeding)(Oral Presentation)
  4. Vatsal S, Mohit Kumar, Baishali Garai, Jayita Saha, “Prediction of Photodetector response using supervised learning” 7th IEEE International conference on Computing System and Information technology for sustainable solution 2023, held at RVCE, Bangalore (November 2-4 2023)(Oral Presentation, published in IEEE Xplore)
  5. Vatsal S, Mohit Kumar, Jai Saxena, Baishali G, Jayita Saha “Navigating activity cliff with Neural Combinatorial Optimization: A Graph based Roadmap for Drug Discovery” 2024 IEEE International Conference on Contemporary Computing and communication, held at Christ University, Bangalore (March 15-16, 2024).(Oral Presentation, to be published in IEEE Xplore)
  6. Shruthi G, , Kruthika SM Reddy, Anshika Garg, Baishali G, Saara K “Investigations on HI reduced Graphene Oxide Based FET for Broadband Photodetection” Recent Progresses in Graphene and 2D material research, organized by Indian Institute of Science (Poster presentation)
  7. Vatsal S, Jayita Saha, Baishali Garai “Machine Learning-Powered Satellite Trajectory Prediction: A Novel Approach for Enhanced Accuracy” IEEE 2nd International Conference on Data Science and Information System (ICDSIS-2024) accepted for oral presentation (17-18 May 2024) to be held at Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan. (to be published in IEEE Xplore, Digital Library)


Events Conducted:

  • As a part of National Science Day celebration, students of RVU joined hands with AISI to conduct hands on experiments session at Smt Vasanthi Venugopal English School
  • Distinguished guest lecture by DR Umamaheshwaran R, former director of Human Space Flight Centre, ISRO, Bangalore on National Science Day.
  • Book Launch of “Thirty Pioneering Scientists from India” (Book written by RV University students)
  • Distinguished Public lecture by Prof P C Deshmukh Professor of IIT Tirupati.
  • Distinguished Public lecture by Dr V Radhakrishna, Head, Instrumentation Division of Space Astronomy Group, U R Rao Satellite Centre, ISRO.
  • Guest lecture by Dr Anand, Scientific officer at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
  • Guest lecture by Shankar Narayanan Viswanathan, Senior Director, Ola Electric

Visits organized for various places of Scientific interest

1.Visit to Indian Music Experience Museum
2. Visit to Visvesvaraya Technical Museum
3. Visit to Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
4. Visit to Bannerghatta Biological Park on the occasion of National Wild Life Week

Workshops and exhibitions conducted

Workshop on Foraging activity by Dr R Ganeshan from Ashoka Trust for research in Ecology and Environment.


Nature’s Palette done in collaboration with Centre for sustainable development

Upcoming events:

1. Community service to enhance STEM education in rural schools of Mysore.
2. Distinguished guest lecture by ISRO scientist

Guest Lectures by Members

  1. Dr Baishali Garai delivered a lecture as a resource person for the “Hands-on Workshop on Research Methodology, Technical Writing and LaTeX” organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering Dayananda Sagar University in collaboration with the DSU ACM student chapter on 21st July -22nd July 2023.
  2. Dr Baishali Garai delivered an invited talk at the National Workshop on Scientific Presentations and Methodology organized by Centre for Clean Environment, VIT Vellore on 9th Oct 2023.
  3. Dr Baishali Garai delivered a talk on “Technical Writing for the Future: A Workshop for Final Year Undergraduates’” on October 17, 2023, organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication, BMS Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore.
  4. Dr T Hongray delivered a guest lecture on the 12th ICT Congress on Exploring the Synergy of AI, Metaverse and Education organized by University of Luzon, College of Computer Studies on May 22, 2023
  5. Dr. Shabbeer Basha delivered a two days short term training program on Foundations of Deep Learning with Research Perspective, organized by Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad on 18th, 19th, December, 2023.
  6. Dr. Shabbeer Basha delivered a talk on “Active Learning for Maximizing Deep Learning Model Performance with a Tight Budget” at IIIT Sri City, 2023.
  7. Dr. Shabbeer Basha delivered a session on Regularization in Neural Networks, Improving training of NNs, at VNRVJIT, Hyderabad.


Prof. P C Deshmukh
RV University Chair Professor
Dr. G Shobha
Professor and Dean, School of Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty Members

Dr. Baishali Garai
Associate Professor, SoCSE (Director)
Prof P C Deshmukh Prof. P C Deshmukh
RV University Chair Professor
 Dr. T Hongray Dr. T Hongray
Assistant Professor, SoCSE
Dr. Durgarao GutallaDr. Durgarao Gutalla
Assistant Professor, SoCSE
Dr Shabbeer Basha Dr. Shabbeer Basha
Associate Professor, SoCSE
Dr Merin ThomasDr. Merin Thomas
Program Director, Minor Studies and Associate Professor, SoCSE
Ananya Paul Ananya Paul
Assistant Professor SoCSE
Mr Amruthesh BhatMr. Amruthesh Bhat
Teaching Assistant
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