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The main objective of the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) is to incorporate knowledge from the biophysical and social sciences to better understand and engage with societal issues pertaining to the environment and development.

It is widely understood today that environmental issues cut across disciplinary divides. Thus, understanding and studying them, as well as educating a new generation calls for disciplinary and cross-disciplinary perspectives and openness to the varied frameworks, worldviews, and values about the environment. Furthermore, environmental conservation goals are often tightly tied to development goals. Thus, environmental science education needs awareness, appreciation, and knowledge about the social context of the environment. The centre looks to advance both the disciplinary and cross-disciplinary possibilities that can promote sustainable development without losing sight of environmental diversity, equity, and social and environmental justice.

Apart from holding activities at the university such as seminars, conferences, and workshops to achieve this end, the centre looks forward to building synergies with like-minded stakeholders across academia, civil society, and public and private sectors for education, research, innovation, and action. The Centre stands for values such as transdisciplinarity, environmental diversity, sustainability, justice, inclusivity, and openness to diverse perspectives that will foster intellectual growth, education, and research.

Members (Internal and External):

Dr. Amit John Kurien (Director) & Dr. Soundarya Iyer (Co-director)

Activities Organised

Pictures from past events

Future events planned

Roundtable discussion on Rethinking the pedagogy of environmental science in India

Collaborations / Partnerships

1. Collaboration between SELCO Foundation and RV University.

2. Collaboration between NatureDots – New Delhi and RV University

3. RV University has joined the international network of researchers, funders, think tanks and universities called Adaptation Research Alliance. There are over 100 organizations in this network. See https://www.adaptationresearchalliance.org/membership/our-members/

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