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School of Business is driven by its mission to develop original thinkers, original doers, and innovators, who are capable of delivering ideas, solutions, and products; create opportunities for people and organisations; positively impact communities.

SoB has implemented T-potential model of learning (to the depths and in breadth) complemented with the masterclasses, live projects, and opportunities to work with CXOs, International partners, policy makers, entrepreneurs to broaden the outlook of our students. This multidimensional approach gives them the edge in gaining perspectives, skills, and experience in solving real world issues.




Explore the various programmes offered at the School of Business that fulfil all academic and industrial requirements. Students are facilitated with classroom education along with projects, research work, seminars, educational tours, workshops, and more to enhance their career prospects right from the beginning.

Why School of Business?

Professional Edge

Academic Edge

Industry integrated, market specific, career-oriented and value focused degree programs

Pedagogical Excellence

Evolve interactions to deep conversations, ideate to venture creations, Problems to action-impact solutions

Immersive Learning

Master classes, Learning from CXOs, Entrepreneurs, International professionals.

Collaborative Learning

International exposures, Capstone projects, article ship, career track and research based collaborative projects

Academic Infrastructure

Trading Labs, Ideation Centre, Retail lab, Business Analytics Lab, CMIE Prowess Database, Coursera MOOC platform, Emerald case studies

Professional Certification

Opportunities for co-excel in professional programs like ACCA, USCMA, IPMA, NISM and many more.

Career Development

Best in-class placement support, Career pathway counselling and training, Entrepreneurial opportunities and support.

Learning Outcomes

Acquire knowledge through course works in team research, presentation pitches and professional development.

Learn to solve real-world business problems through practicums, projects, activities, and business cases.

Learn from industry thought leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and researchers.

Be mentored by CXOs and social organisations.

Celebrate diversity and foster strong professional networks.

Cultivate global perspectives and design-thinking in the business world.

Incubate your entrepreneurial dreams to reality.

Earn Professional Certificates while pursuing degree

Holistic Skills

Personal Skills

Empathy | Interpersonal | self-Management | Communication

Functional Skills

Domain Knowledge| Critical Thinking | Relationship building| Problem Solving| Negotiating

Industry Skills

Strategic | Crisis Handling | Stakeholder focus | Sustainability | Wealth Maximisation | Leadership Skills

Programme-wise Accreditations and Recognitions

Subhashree Natarajan

Professor & Dean, School of Business

Dean’s Message

Dear students,

I extend a warm welcome to the School of Business (SoB) at the RV University

Our interdisciplinary B-School offers you a unique advantage to collaborate with students and professors of multiple disciplines – technology, public policy, film, media and creative arts, psychology, design thinking, law and many more – for co-learning and co-creating opportunities, solving real world problems and importantly mastering your innate talents. With optimism, students, parents and recruiters today acknowledge and prefer multi-disciplinary learning exposures.

You will pursue a well-designed multi-disciplinary curriculum that is complemented with industry interactions, diverse cultural exposures, live data analysis, practicums, simulated business environment, deep discussions, and other purposefully invested curated learning experiences. This will enable you to emerge as an entrepreneur, a transformative leader and/or as an administrative head with profound knowledge and ability to handle impromptu and disruptive markets, critical workforce issues, societal changes, technological advancements and/or any other challenges that unsettling time throws; and, very importantly manage yourself with confidence.

Our supportive and engaged team of professors will act as your mentors. They translate the academic strategies into students’ successes. We, at SoB, consider it as our onerous responsibility to enable our students to excel in the Knowing-Doing- Being model. ‘Knowing’ the core competencies through theories, models and self reflections; ‘Doing’ the learned/acquired competencies through practicums, real-world applications; ‘Being’ a life-long learner who consciously prioritises personal values and goals for the larger benefit of the community.

I, on behalf of all at the School of Business, welcome you to RV University. Come, let’s change the world.

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