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Centre for Gender Studies at RVU is an interdisciplinary space established to promote gender and sexuality inclusive thinking, teaching and research. CGS is committed to study the spectrum of inequalities, identities and politics that factor in our everyday lives and challenge the normative ideas of gender, sexuality, family, pleasure, violence, desires, fantasies, intimacies, etc. Our research objective is situated in intercepting complexities of modern feminisms knotted with white imperialism and postcolonial nationalisms; and decolonising feminist scholarship and praxis. We take a stand in disrupting the narratives of ‘western’ feminism and look at Global South as a centre for knowledge production on queer and trans thought, transnational feminisms and critical legal theory.

Membership to CGS is open to all academic staff at RVU and students. Individuals based in other higher education institutions in India with an interest in the study of gender and sexuality as well as students at other Universities in India are always invited for CGS events, workshops and internships.


Core Members:

Parvaz Lamba
Assistant Professor, School of Law, RV University
Mishika Chauhan Mishika Chauhan
Ph.D Student, School of Law, RV University

Ongoing Research Project

A collaborative project with the Centre for Disability Justice and Inclusion titled Flushed out: Unraveling the Labyrinth of Public Toilets in Bengaluru – A tale of Access, Equity, and Quality. The scope of this project is to evaluate how public toilets in Bengaluru facilitate public access for different sections of communities. The aim of this project is to shift the narrative on public toilets from the one centered on infrastructure view to the one centered on quality access to public spaces for various identities in society. The report will be published soon.


  • Centre for Gender Studies, School of Law, RV University was inaugurated with an observation of the International Working Women’s Day (IWWD) 2024 with an insightful lecture on ‘Labouring Bodies: Women, Work and Labour’ given by Ms. Sweta Dash.
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