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The Centre for Human Insights (CHI) will aim to –

1. Emerge as a think-tank in the field of business analytics by organising seminars, roundtable discussions, conferences, and hackathons.

2. Engage with organisations as a partner / consultant for their business problems. Priority will be looking at Small and Micro enterprises and Social Sector organisations.

3. Release white-papers and articles on areas of expertise.

4. Train students in the use of analytics tools and in the application of analytical models.

5. Offer short duration courses and programs in collaboration with the industry.

Faculty Members:

1. Dr. Kanish Debnath, Director

2. Dr. Samudra Sen, Associate Director

3. Dr. Veena Andini

4. Dr. Kali Charan Sabat

Research areas:

All functional areas in business, management, and policy-making.


1. Thought leadership through roundtables, panel discussions, seminars, annual conference.

2. White papers and technical blogs on areas of expertise.

3. Consultancy to private, governmental, and social sector organisations.

4. Partnerships with analytics firms for workshops and trainings.

5. PhD supervision leading to dissertations and journal papers.

6. Occasional articles in newspapers, magazines.

7. Training to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Activities organised:

Policy and Management roundtables, Conclaves, Workshops and Guest Lectures.

Our Logo

Our centre logo prominently features the Greek letter chi that is similar to the acronym for the Centre for Human Insights (CHI). The Greek letter chi sits within a square that has the words – Academia, Business, Government, and Society on its edges. These are the four domains in which the centre seeks to operate in. CHI will be a common platform that brings together experts from all of the four domains.

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