Centre for Banking, Development and Financial Studies - RV University


To function as an academic research centre and a collaborator with Industry in the field of Banking, Financial Sector entities and Development Agencies.


The aim is to emerge as an independent think tank and discussion platform by conducting seminars, conferences, and high-level exchange of dialogues among bankers, policy makers, researchers, practitioners and sustainable financing agencies.


  • Support skill enhancement of the students to make them industry ready by facilitating professional certifications and industry supported training programmes.
  • Collaborate with industry, financial sector experts and international agencies to facilitate conferences, seminars and researches.
  • Enhance our understanding of the financial sector, financial sector linkages with real sector and provide insights that can facilitate policy.
  • Initiate policy-oriented research studies that can support inclusive financial development, supports better governance of intermediaries and other institutions.
  • Disseminate international financial developments through appropriate forums like seminars and conferences.
  • Support in professional skill development in collaboration with industry and certification establishments, so as to ensure that we have industry ready talent made available to the market.
  • Disseminate results of learning and research activities.

Key Research Areas

  • Sustainable and inclusive green finance including regenerative financing
  • Banking and financial inclusion including financing of MSMEs
  • Policy studies relating to the area.
  • Capitalisation of public sector banks, inclusive development and industrial houses
  • International financial regulation
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Frauds
  • Crypto and digital currencies – Dissecting the economics and finance.
  • Decentralised finance for households.
  • Public finance: Especially macro finances including state finances and policy based finance
  • Credit policy
  • Financial Stability, international financial flows.
  • Innovations in banking
  • Emerging issues in economic development – regional, national and international


Forthcoming: Conference on sustainable energy.


Forthcoming: Distinguished lecture by Prof. M S Sriram, “Public Role of Banking: Insights from a Policy Perspective”

Contact Details

AV Arunkumar PhD
School of Business
RV University.

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