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MBA @ RV University offers you the fine blend of Knowledge, skills, network, global exposure and wide opportunities to succeed as a business leader. The program offers specialisations in Business Analytics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations and Strategy

Pursue the promising opportunities in private and public sector and/or your entrepreneurial ambition with MBA @ RVU


  • Best Faculty Members
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Promising Career

Programme Structure : MBA

Course Structure

5 Units | 3 Credits | 15-17 Weeks per Trimester

Admission & Intake

Class Size: 60


2 year Full time

Become job-ready with

Industry-relevant skills

Industry relevant curriculum designed and taught by Highly qualified and industry-exposed faculty members of School of Business

Leadership skills Strategic Management
Domain expertise Research Acumen
Tech and Data Literacy International exposure


Tentative Programme Structure

Academic Core Experiential Core
Trimester Category Course Name Workshops | Practicums | Team Projects etc
T1 Business Core Managerial Economics Design Thinking
T1 Business Core Statistics and Quantitative Methods
T1 Business Core Corporate Financial Reporting & Analysis
T1 Business Core Organizational Behavior
T1 Business Core Marketing Management
T2 Business Core Macroeconomics Crafting Harmony at workplace
Essentials in Entrepreneurship
T2 Business Core Cost Management
T2 Business Core Human Resource Management
T2 Business Core Marketing Management
T2 Business Core Operations Research
T2 Business Core Information Technology and Systems
T3 Business Core India and World Economy B-plan Development
T3 Business Core Corporate Finance
T3 Business Core Business Ethics and Governance
T3 Business Core Consumer Behaviour
T3 Business Core Production and Operations Management
T3 Business Core Basics of Programming
Academic Elective
Trimester Course Name
People and Organisation Management
T4 & T5 Creating, Managing, and Leading Social Enterprises
T4 & T5 Designing Corporate Citizenship Initiatives
T4 & T5 Global Leadership
T4 & T5 Training and Development
T4 & T5 Analytics in Practice
T4 & T5 Blockchain and Its Implications
T4 & T5 Business Data Mining
T4 & T5 Business Dynamics
T4 & T5 Creating and Managing Innovative ICT Startups
T4 & T5 Information Visualization
T4 & T5 Social Network Analytics
T4 & T5 Competitive Marketing Strategy with Simulation
T4 & T5 Digital & Social Media Marketing
T4 & T5 Integrated Marketing Communication
T4 & T5 Internal Marketing
T4 & T5 International Marketing
T4 & T5 Managing Luxury Business
T4 & T5 Managing Retailing
T4 & T5 Marketing Theory and Contemporary Issues
T4 & T5 Non-profit and Social Marketing
T4 & T5 Pricing Decisions
T4 & T5 Relationship Marketing
T4 & T5 Sales and Distribution Management
T4 & T5 Sports, Entertainment and Media Marketing
T4 & T5 Corporate Strategy
T4 & T5 Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation
T4 & T5 Entrepreneurship in Practice
T4 & T5 Global Strategic Management
T4 & T5 Industry Analysis, Strategy and Performance
T4 & T5 Strategic Decision Making in International Business
T4 & T5 Strategic Leadership

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