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Anand Narasimhamurthy completed his B.E. in Electronics and Communication from University Visveswaraya College of Engineering (UVCE) in 1998. Subsequently he obtained his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from Penn State University. He worked as a Research Scientist at GE Global Research Bengaluru for five years. He has spent more than a decade in the education domain, his experience ranges from teaching foundational courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels as well as corporate trainings and specializations for senior working professionals. His research interests include machine learning, applied algorithms and combinatorial optimization.

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"So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you." - Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

A few sample publications listed below Vehicle Type Detection and Classifcation Using Enhanced ReliefF Algorithm and Long Short Term Memory Network, N. Sathyanarayana and Anand M. Narasimhamurthy, Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series B, volume 104, 2023, pages 485499

Theoretical bounds of majority voting performance for a binary classification problem, Anand Narasimhamurthy, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), Volume 21, Issue 12, December 2005, pages 1988-1995

Towards AI based Freehand 3D Ultrasound Reconstruction, IEEE South Asian Ultrasonics Symposium (SAUS) 2024 (poster presentation) A route planning strategy for commercial deliveries using drones Soumen Manna, Anand Narasimhamurthy, Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Innovative Design & Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering (I-DAD 2020), Chennai, February 2020, In: Gascoin, N., Balasubramanian, E. (eds) Innovative Design, Analysis and Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, pages 317-324

  • Research Summary
  • Industry projects (both during work at GE Global Research) Medical image analysis : Most of the work was related to localization and segmentation of various structures of interest in ultrasound, MRI and CT image data, have also worked on f-MRI data.
  • Data analytics : Two projects involved predictive analysis related to steam and gas turbine data respectively Research project Application of deep learning for medical ultrasound scan data, Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM), Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru Combinatorial optimization problems in vehicle routing problems
  • Research Interests
  • Combinatorial optimization, Machine learning, Deep learning, Computer vision
  • Inventor Award, GE Global Research

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