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Balu Masti

Adjunct Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering.

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Balu is an Entrepreneur and Co-Founder, Deep Tech Professional, Business Leader, IoT Evangelist, Startup Mentor, and Adjunct Faculty. Balu helps solve real-world problems by leveraging technology and helps build businesses out of them. Balu’s Deep Tech expertise is utilized by companies to build cutting-edge products. His areas of interest include IoT, Data Sciences, ML, Embedded Systems, Wireless Tech, and Semiconductors. Balu is a performing, professional-level Saraswathi Veena Artist (Carnatic Classical Music), a certified Yoga teacher, and a professional-level photographer.

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  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data Sciences
  • IoT/Embedded Systems
  • Wireless Semiconductors
  • Industry awards and recognition Awards and recognition in music.

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