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Dr. Suraj Gogoi

Assistant Professor

Suraj is an anthropologically inclined sociologist working on citizenship, violence, state and nationalism in South Asia. His doctoral thesis titled ‘Assamese Ideology’ explores the working and thinking of the ruling class and caste in Assam. In his study, he found refusal to be a form of political strategy and behaviour emerging from the relationship between the majority and the minority. Using refusal as a political, he assembles certain formative and distinctive elements that can render Assamese Ideology visible to us.

His forthcoming book (co-authored with Manoranjan Pegu) frames the social and political life in contemporary Assam by situating the figure of the tribal in conversation with caste Assamese society (and culture), official language politics, and the nature of Assamese nationalism. Suraj’s current research engages with regimes of citizenship on the backdrop of NRC/CAA and the figure of the minority citizen-subject in South Asia. He is also working on two separate projects involving a) death/citizenship and b) food/racism/environmental crisis.

He shares an interest and commitment to public sociology and collaborative work. As a social critic, he writes regularly on culture, politics and society in contemporary India. He manages pangsau.com, an academic blog on Northeast and is a part of the Reading Northeast Collective.

At RV University, I will be teaching academic writing and foundation courses in sociology.
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“The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.” ~Vladimir Nabokov

“The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.” ~Vladimir Nabokov

  • BOOK


    Suraj Gogoi and Manoranjan Pegu, Tribal Question and Assamese Identity: Poetics and Politics of Indigeneity (authored book & forthcoming, Routledge).

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    Family as the Political: NRC in Assam (forthcoming, Asian Studies: Journal of Critical Perspectives on Asia)

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  • Gogoi, S., & Chakma, S. The Bru-Mizo Conflict in Mizoram, Economic & Political Weekly 53 no. 44 (November 3, 2018).

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  • “What Happened to Caste Based Political Parties?” Exemplar: The Journal of South Asian Studies, 2015. (with Aseem Prakash)

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  • “Sharing and Exchanging: Understanding Common Grounds in Northeast India”, Asian Ethnicity, 2018. (with Parag J. Saikia)

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  • “Citizenship and Belonging: NRC Process in Assam” (with Rohini Sen, Forthcoming in a special issue on NRC).

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  • BOOK CHAPTERS (Forthcoming)

    BOOK CHAPTERS (Forthcoming)

    Gogoi, Suraj. “Cultural Belonging and Citizenship in Assam” in Oxford Handbook of Himalayan Studies Ed. Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa. Oxford University Press

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  • Gogoi, Suraj. “The Affinity of Citizenship Process and Criminal Law: The Case of NRC” in Pablo Ciocchini and George Radics (Eds.) Criminal Legalities from the Global South, Palgrave Macmillan

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  • Gogoi, Suraj and Sen, Rohini. “Tablighi Jaamat: Racism and Coronavirus in Assam” in Satveer Kaur-Gill & Mohan J. Dutta (Eds.) Covid-19 and Migration Palgrave Macmillan.

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    On “Non-political” Assamese (13 April 2022) Himal Southasian. Refusal, Romanticism and Ground Realities in Northeast India, Borderlines CAASSME, 2020. Jyotiprasad Agarwala and Twentieth Century Assamese Political Thought, Critical Asian Studies, 2019 (with Samyak Ghosh). Saikia, P.J. & Gogoi, S. (2018, October 8) A Register Most Flawed, Fountain Ink. Gogoi, S. & Sen, R. (2020 October 14) The NRC’s Spillover Effect. Himal Southasian. Gogoi, S., & Chakma, S. (2016 May 13). State of Exclusion. Himal Southasian.

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    Academic Blogs Gogoi, S (2020 July 2) Heat and Coronavirus, Anthropology News. Gogoi, S (2020 April 2) Distance as a Social Vocation, Sociology Lens. Gogoi, S. (2020 March 24) Coronavirus: Mirror of an ‘Examined life’, LSE Sociology Blog. Gogoi, S. (2019 November 14) Mastadon: A Counter Public and Meshwork, LSE Sociology Blog. Gogoi, S. , Chakraborty, G. & Saikia, P.J. (2018 March 21) Assam Against Itself: A Reply to Sanjib Baruah, LSE South Asia Blog.

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  • Public Sociology (selected)

    Public Sociology (selected)

    Gogoi, Suraj (20 July 2022) UAPA Against Assam Girl: Has Police Punishment Become a Spectacle Under Sarma? The Quint. Gogoi, Suraj & Sen, Aright (3 June 2022) The Gauhati HC ruling offers a glimmer of hope for those tangled up in Assam’s citizenship nightmare, Scroll.in. Gogoi, Suraj & Nazimuddin Siddique (31 May 2022) Assam Fish Trader Case: Custodial Deaths, Demolitions – the New Normal, The Quint. Gogoi, Suraj (20 May 2022)From outsiders to termites and infiltrators: How ‘Bangladeshi’ came to signify hate and difference, Scroll.in. Gogoi, Suraj (29 May 2022) Anek’s ‘Saviour Complex’: Northeast Needs to be ‘Understood’, Not Saved, The Quint. Gogoi, Suraj (6 May 2022) Assamese Muslims & IDs: Manufacturing Definitions Is Assam's New Normal, The Quint. Gogoi, Suraj (30 April 2022) Assam Boy's Six-Year Detention: A Portrait of the Violence of NRC, The Quint. Gogoi, Suraj (21 April 2022) Himanta Biswa Sarma's Bid To Define Assamese People Is An Exercise in Exclusion, The Quint. Gogoi, Suraj and Sen, Rohini (21 April 2022) Assam Artist’s Controversial Song shows how racism gets internalised, The Quint. Gogoi, Suraj (11 April 2022) Amit Shah’s Hindi push: a twin battle for the minorities in the Northeast, The Quint. Gogoi, Suraj (7 April 2022) The Strategy Behind a Political Party’s Rise: a Review of Nalin Mehta’s The New BJP (Westland Books), Live Mint. Gogoi, Suraj (March 2022) Sharma’s Comments Shows there will never be a Final NRC, The Quint. Gogoi, Suraj (18 Feb 2022) India has Still Lessons to Learn 39 Years After Assam’s Nellie Massacre, The Quint. Gogoi, Suraj & Choudhury, Angshuman (18 Feb 2022) Nellie Massacre: a lesson and a forewarning, Live Mint. Choudhury, Angshuman & Gogoi, Suraj (17 Feb 2022) Hijab Ban: How some Liberals are Sleepwalking into the trap set by Hindutva Nationalists, Scroll.in. Apoorvanand & Gogoi, S (2022 Feb 19) Narsinghanand arrested, but why was he held above the law? The Quint. Apoorvanand & Gogoi, S. (2022 Jan 2) Dismissing Communal Hatred as 'Only' an Electoral Tool Is to Miss the Big Picture, The Wire. Apoorvanand and Gogoi, S. (2022 January 5) Why a Muslim MP was Forced to Challenge Assam Chief Minister's Hateful Propaganda, Scroll.in. Gogoi, S. & Pegu, M. (2021 Dec 3) Assam Lynching: How Media & Society Bayed For ‘Swift Justice’, The Quint. Gogoi, S. (2021 September 30) The Scorching Rays of Assamese Nationalism, The Hindu. Gogoi, S. (2021 August 3) Assam & Mizoram CMs Clashed, But It’s Minorities Suffer In The Northeast, The Quint. Gogoi, S. (2021 August 4) Delhi Treats Northeast As Just a Frontier, What About Its People? The Quint. Gogoi, S. (2021 Sept 24) Assam Eviction Violence: Under Sarma Rule, Muslims Face a Double Attack, The Quint. Gogoi, S. (2021 January 29) Minorities and Madrasas, The Telegraph. Gogoi, S. (2020 November 30) False Pledge: NRC in Assam, The Telegraph. Choudhury, A & Gogoi, S (2020 Mar 5) The Latest Weapon Against Assam’s Muslims: Forced Eviction, The Diplomat. Gogoi, S. (2020 January 21) The India State’s Approach to CAA-NRC is Flawed, Hindustan Times. Gogoi, S. & Borah, R. (2020 January 10) Can Assam Look Beyond Ethnic and Regional Politics? India Cultural Forum. Gogoi, S. (2020 August 13) From Brahmaputra Valley to New India, Cultural Dopers are Everywhere, Eleventh Column. Gogoi, S. (2020 March 24) Covid-19 in India: Banging Utensils and Clapping from Balconies is a Spectacle, Not a response, Eleventh Column. Gogoi, S. (2020 March 17) Amid Covid-19: Examined Subjects, Examined Life, Newsclick. Neog, K.B. & Gogoi, S. (2020 February 20) An Incomplete History of Jackboots in Campus, Newsclick. Gogoi, S & Borbora, A. P. (2019 December 23) Assam’s NRC Consensus, Scroll. Gogoi, S. (3rd September 2019) NRC Signals a Deeper Crisis of Citizenship, Hindustan Times. Gogoi, S. 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  • *Citizenship and Minority
  • *Politics of the Vernacular
  • *Violence and Nationalism
  • *Ideology and Culture
  • *State Making in the Northeast
  • NUS Graduate Research Scholarship for Doctoral Studies, 2016-2020.

  • NUS Research Field Work Grant, 2018-1019.

  • Indian Council of Philosophical Research Grant

    for the Project titled Recovering an Absent Past: Through a Conceptual Understanding of the Transition and Lived Experience of the Tai-Khamtis of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. I am the Principal Investigator of the project.

  • Royster Global Society Fellowship Small Grant for Conference, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2019.

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