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I am Dr. Jyoti Vidhani having more than 6 years of working experience in Academia. I am a Assistant Professor in the area of Accounting and Finance. Before joining R V University I worked with Amity Business School, Amity University Maharashtra. I was teaching and supervising to Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Phd. students. I was handling additional responsibilities like Ranking & Accreditations, Program Leader of BBA, International Program Leader, IQAC and Admissions. I have completed Phd, M.Phil, M.com in Acounting. I have received Gold Medal in M.Com (Ist position in University) and IInd position aforesaid university in M.Phil. Teaching courses in the area of Accounting & Finance- Cost and Management Accounting, Corporate tax Planning, Global Mergers and Acquisition, Corporate Finance(Financial Management), Cost accounting, Financial accounting.

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" Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible ".

Rawat, S, Vidhani, J (2022). Relationship Between Talent Acquisition Experience and Employee Engagement in IT Sector- An Integrative Review, “The Seabold Report”Vol-17, Pg- 1771-1791.

Rawat, S, Vidhani, J (2022). Designing & Measuring Impact of Talent Acquisition on Employee Engagement in IT, “Neuroquantology, Vol 20, Issue 12, Pg-3439-3455.

Rawat, S, Vidhani, J (2022). Examining Employee Engagement as a Management Practice in IT, “ International journal of Humanities, Law and Social Sciences” Vol-9, Issue-10, Pg219-236.

Deep, S., Bhoola, V., Vidhani, J. and Hampannaver, P.R. (2022), “Evaluating the impact of constraints on project success: empirical study of highway projects”, Built Environment project and Asset Management.

Jyoti V. and Anita S, (2018) “Environment Reporting in India: An empirical analysis”. Inspira- Journal of Modern Management and Entrepreneurship, Vol. 08, No. 02, 299-306.

Jyoti V. and Anita S, (2018) “Eco-Friendly Stewardship Practices of Asian Companies: An Empirical Study”, International Journal of Research in Management & Social Science, Vol. 06, Issue- 1 VI, 30-41

Jyoti V. and Anita S, (2018) “Green Reporting Practices & Profitability for Corporate Sustainability, Indian Journal of Accounting, Vol. 50 (1), 122-130.

Book Chapter

Joshi, V., & Vidhani, J. “Decoding Research on Hybrid Education”. Business Management Dynamics amid Pandemic.

  • Research Papers- 07 Book Chapter-01
  • Research Interests: Corporate Sustainability, Environment Social Governance, Financial Analytics, Regulatory changes and New Accounting Standard.
  • Quality improvement in NAAC Accreditation of Cycle-1, (2011)

  • Secured Second Position in Master’s in Philosophy in aforesaid university, (2009-2010)

  • Gold Medal in Master’s in Commerce, (2007-2009)

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