Dr. Sajjan Shiva's Distinguished Public Lecture - RV University

Details: A distinguished public lecture on Machine Learning System Development Life Cycle – State of the Art by Dr. Sajjan Shiva, University of Memphis, was organized on 11th Jan 2024, by the Dhee Center for AI and Data Science, School of Computer Science and Engineering, RV University, Bangalore.

This talk started with a brief introduction to the software development life cycle and then explained how it may not be suitable for machine learning projects that are data-centric. Later, he discussed the different phases involved in the life cycle with examples. For example, data gathering has to be performed iteratively to improve models. The improved models should be used in a feedback loop to gather more data. Instead of using the conventional software development life cycle, using the ML system development life cycle leads to the efficient execution of ML projects. Later, the talk focuses on the open research problems in designing machine learning systems and their development life cycle. At the end of the talk, the speaker also highlighted concepts like explainable AI, security, and privacy concerns related to an AI project.

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