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M.A./M.Sc. (Economics)

Gather insights into individual as well as community behaviours, develop analytical and
critical thinking skills to improve the quality of life in the society.

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M.A./M.Sc. (Economics)

School of Economics

Programme Overview

The MA in Economics programme in SOEF prepares students for future careers in academics and in diverse industry-related fields in economics, such as development policy, financial economics, econometrics, and data analytics.

The curriculum is designed to lay equal emphasis on theoretical understandings in economics and its applications in multiple fields within and outside of the discipline of economics. Data and evidence driven understanding of economic theories and issues is encouraged.

Hands-on learning through industry exposure, self-study, research and projects are an integral and important part of the programme. This component of the programme allows students to develop and enhance their skills in critical thinking, analytical abilities, data collection and analysis, problem solving, independent research and study, and presentation and writing skills.

Most courses are 4 credits. Each credit translates to 15 contact hours. At least 30 per cent of contact time for courses are spent in tutorials, discussions, or applications. Pedagogies vary across courses. Some of the courses are taught courses with a heavy theoretical component. Class lectures in these courses are interspersed with tutorials. At least 30 per cent of the contact hours in these courses are in the form of tutorials that elicit better understanding and critical thinking among students. Other courses balance theories with experiences and applications. These courses are taught in a more discursive mode and 30-50 per cent of the contact hours are in the form of discussions, student presentations, data analysis and software applications.

On completion of the MA programme students are equipped with a Master’s degree in Economics with a specialisation of their choice, certified industry experience, a self-study paper or project report in the area of specialisation, and a dissertation thesis to support their experiences and expertise.


Semester I Credit Type
Microeconomics 3 Core
Macroeconomics 3 Core
Statistical Methods (Theory) 4 Core
Mathematical tools for Economics 4 Core
History of Economic Thought 3 Core
Health and Wellness 2 Ability Enhancement
Excel for Data Analysis 2 Skill Enhancement
Total 21
Semester III Credit Type
Development Economics 3 Core
Public Economics 3 Core
Advanced Econometrics 4 Core
Intrernational Trade 3 Core
Foreign Language 2 Ability Enhancement
Elective 1 3 Elective
Elective 2 3 Elective
Internship 2 Skill Enhancement
Total 23
Electives ( Can choose and two from below)
Non-quantitative Credits Quantitative Credits
Agriculture and Rural Development 3 Data Visualization & Story Telling 3
Urban Economics 3 Financial Markets &Trading 3
Semester II Credit Type
Advanced Microeconomics 3 Core
Advanced Macroeconomics 3 Core
Basic Econometrics 4 Core
Financial Economics 3 Core
Indian Economy 3 Core
Research Methods 4 Skill Enhancement
Communication Skills 2 Ability Enhancement
Total 22
Semester IV Credit Type
Environmental Economics 3 Core
Behavioural Economics 3 Core
Elective 1 3 Elective
Elective 2 3 Elective
Dissertation/Thesis/Project 4 Skill Enhancement
Total 16
Electives ( Can choose and two from below)
Non-quantitative Credits Quantitative Credits
Policy Design and Program Evaluation 3 Python for Data Analytics 3
Economics of Health and Education 3 Financial Modelling 3

Why M.A./M.Sc. (Economics) at RV University?

The emphasis of the MA Economics curriculum at RVU rests on:

  • Sound theoretical knowledge
  • Critical understanding of contemporary issues and historical processes
  • Specialisation tracks to suit students’ interests and aptitude
  • Gain knowledge, capabilities, skills and professional experience in chosen area of specialisation
  • Focus on research, self-study, industrial experience to prepare independent thinking individuals

Admission Requirements and Important Dates

RVU does not discriminate based on ethnicity, colour, religion, sex, disability, age, or any factors other than academic matters. The University considers the past academic performance/ merit and equity as the guiding principles for admission in the various programmes of the University.

Indian & International Students


Bachelor’s Degree in any subject from any recognized University

Selection Criteria

Based on the performance in RVU
Selection Process

Important Dates of RVU Selection Process

March 31st, 2021

Career Options

A degree in Economics and Finance can open up career tracks in numerous sectors in the global market. Having an analytical mind and a strong awareness of the world, this career will help students use innovative techniques and mindful understanding to overcome problems with logical solutions.

  • Teaching
  • Academic Research
  • Civil Services
  • Banking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data Analytics
  • Actuaries & Risk Assessment
  • Market Research
  • Development Sector NGOs
  • Policy Think Tanks
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Niti Aayog
  • RBI

How To Apply

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Register for RVSAT* — 2023

(RV Scholastic Admission Test (RVSAT) is the national-level entrance exam for all UG and PG programmes of RV University)
Apply Online to RVSAT here: https://admissions.rvu.edu.in/

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RV University Selection Process

Applicants will undergo the RVU Selection Process depending on the programme they have applied for and their score in RVSAT

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Selection letter

Subject to fulfilment of eligibility and admission criteria, applicants shall be issued a selection letter.

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Programme Registration

Successful applicants in the above selection procedure shall be registered to the programme after receipt of registration fees as specified in the selection letter.

Provisional Admission Letter Icon


Provisional Admission Letter

Upon completion of the selection procedure for M.A./M.Sc. (Economics) admissions, applicants shall be notified about the admission and a Provisional Admission Letter shall be issued.

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