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MBA – Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

In Collaboration with Microsoft


Microsoft-accredited MBA – Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programme gives a strong edge by preparing students for future jobs. The programme imparts knowledge and skills in core business areas and the domains of artificial intelligence and data science. Some of the courses in core business include Business Analytics, Financial Reporting, People and Organisation Dynamics, and Human-Computer Interactions, among others. Students will acquire domain knowledge and functional expertise in deploying R, Python, and SAS for data-driven decisions. They can further opt for specialisations in Business Analytics and Machine Learning. As Microsoft-certified professionals, graduates will be able to build data frameworks for business decisions.

Career opportunities and growth for MBA Artificial Intelligence and Data Science professionals are unlimited and span across sectors.


  • Industry Oriented Curriculum
  • Live projects and Hands on learning
  • Application oriented experiential learning
  • Edge with Nano certifications
  • Simplified application of latest tools and languages
Embedded Microsoft Certifications Cloud Computing
Basics of Programming in R, Python Research Acumen & Data Science
Domain Knowledge Thought -leadership


5 Units | 3 Credits | 10-12 Weeks per Trimester

Class Size 30

2 Year Full time

Certificate of Competency
(Granted after successful completion of every Microsoft certified course)
Certificate of Completion
(Granted at the end of the programme)

Industry relevant curriculum designed and taught by Highly qualified and industry-exposed faculty members of School of Business

MBA Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
In Collaboration with Microsoft

Tentative Programme Structure

Academic Core and Elective Courses
Experiential Core and Electives
Trimester Category Course Name Workshops | Practicums | Team Projects etc
T1 Business Core Business Economics Practice Teamwork and Deepen Conversation
T1 Business Core Data Analytics for Decision making Design Thinking
T1 Business Core Financial statement and Reporting Analysing Structured data
T1 Business Core Fundamentals of Cloud Computing with MS AZ900 certification  
T1 Business Core Ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence & Fundamentals of Machine Learning
T1 Discipline Core Programming with R & Python
T2 Business Core Operations Management Reasoning and Decision making in uncertainity
T2 Business Core Marketing Management Analysing Unstructured data
T2 Business Core Database Management Programming Project – 1
T2 Business Core Corporate Finance
T2 Discipline Core Natural Language and Conversational Systems with Business Applications
T2 Discipline Core Analytic toolkit for decision Making
T3 Discipline Core Neural Networks and Deep Learning with Business Applications Leadership training
T3 Discipline Core Ethics, Philosophy and Sociology of AI Technology & Innovation
T3 Discipline Core HROB E-Commerce
T3 Discipline Core Project Management Corporate Story Telling
T3 Discipline Core Data Visualisation
T3 Discipline Core Business Research Management
T3 Discipline Core Embedded AI and robotics
T4 Discipline Core Application of AI in HROB Applied Business Project Report
T4 Discipline Core Application of AI in Operations Business Forecasting
T4 Discipline Core Application of AI & Automation in Finance
T4 Discipline Core AI powered precision Marketing
T4 Discipline Core IoT and Smart Asset Management
T4 Discipline Core Data Security and Governance
T5 Discipline Core Strategic Management and Resilient Business Models
T5 Discipline Core Big Data Management
Any Five Electives
T5 Elective Data Security and Governance
T5 Elective Marketing Analytics
T5 Elective Financial Analytics
T5 Elective Text Analytics
T5 Elective HR Analytics
T5 Elective Social media and web analytics
T5 Elective Applied Econometrics for Managers
T5 Elective Web mining and Recommender syatems
T5 Elective Fraud Analytics
T6 Capstone Project

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