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MBA – Global Financial Markets

Two-year full-time programme

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MBA – Global Financial Markets

School of Business


MBA – Global Financial Markets program prepares students for a promising career in the new-gen growth sector – the Financial Sector. Rapid and diversified growth in Banking, insurance, and securities markets requires expertise and skillsets in understanding the regulatory norms; evolving Innovations in financial product design and its impact; growing expectations of Retails and Institution investors; trading skills and the tools and techniques – all with global perspectives.

This program is offered in association with National Stock Exchange (NSE); and is complemented with the opportunity to co-earn 3 international certifications from renowned bodies and a PG certificate in technical trading from NSE along with MBA degree programme.

This program enables career opportunities in Finance with Corporate bodies, Banks, Insurance companies, Trading houses and other financial institutions.


In collaboration with National Stock Exchange – NSE Academy


Certification from 3 renowned international bodies
1. Chartered Market Technicians, USA
2. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, USA
3. RIMS -Certified Risk Management Professional
4. Four regulatory NISM Certifications
5. PG certificate from NSE Academy


Become job-ready with

Industry-Relevant Skills

Industry relevant curriculum designed and taught by Highly qualified and industry-exposed faculty members of School of Business

Predicting stock market with superior technical analysis International Career opportunities
Become an investment expert Equity research and simulated trading facilities
Secure placements in banking, stock trading, corporate houses, Financial institutions Thought -leadership

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the dynamics of volatile financial markets and their instruments, through expert lectures, visiting of national and international stock markets, interaction with regulatory authorities, retail and institutional traders.
  2. Read the fine difference in financial instruments and their strengths and weakness in different market conditions.
  3. Connect Macro and Micro trends to create and manage investment portfolio by applying trading tools and techniques to the student management pseudo-funds and lagged stock market data.
  4. Wide opportunities for placement across financial sector in the National and international markets.

Programme Structure : MBA Global Financial Markets


2 Year Full time

Admission & Intake

Class Size 60

Course Structure

5 Units | 3 Credits | 10-12 Weeks per Trimester


MBA Global Financial Markets

In Collaboration with NSE Academy
Certifications : CMT | RIMS | FINRA | 4- NISM | PG Certificate from NSE

Tentative Programme Structure

Academic Core and Elective Courses
Experiential Core and Electives
Trimester Category Course Name Workshops | Practicums | Team Projects etc
T1 Business Core Business Economics Practice Teamwork and Deepen Conversation
T1 Business Core Principles of Finance Professional upskilling course
T1 Business Core Financial statement and Reporting Understanding Cases & Discussions
T1 Business Core Statistics for Decision making  
T1 Discipline Core Fundamentals of financial markets  
T1 Discipline Core Indian ethos and financial ethics  
T2 Business Core Project Management Programming Languages for Finance
T2 Discipline Core Corporate Finance Understanding People & Culture
T2 Discipline Core Financial Services Case Analysis & Discussions
T2 Discipline Core Technology in Financial Sector Trading Strategies
T2 Discipline Core Regulations and Reforms in Emerging Markets  
T2 Discipline Core International Banking and Insurance  
T3 Business Core Marketing Financial Services Financing Creativity: How to Manage Your Money
T3 Discipline Core Global Financial Markets System Fundraising for Startups
T3 Discipline Core Fixed Income Securities Professional Upskilling Course
T3 Discipline Core Equity Research Portfolio Creation
T3 Discipline Core Investment Decision and Behavioral Finance
T3 Discipline Core Mutual Funds
T3 Discipline Core Certified Risk Management Professional Certification
T4 Discipline Core Derivatives Market (Equity, Index, Currency, Commodities) Summer Internship | International Immersion
T4 Discipline Core US Securities Markets Trading Strategies (NSE Academy)
T4 Discipline Core Technical Analysis Better Online Pitching
T4 Elective – NISM Insurance and Risk Management Professional Upskilling Course
T4 Elective Life Cycle Investment and Retirement Finance
T4 Discipline Core Financial Valuations and Equity Research
T5 Discipline Core Strategic Management and Resilient Business Models Financial Services for Entrepreneurship
T5 Discipline Core International Financial Services Financial Risk Analytics
T5 Elective Any Five Electives
T5 Elective Financial Planning and Wealth Management
T5 Elective ESG (Environmental Social and Governance Investing)
T5 Elective Block Chain and Cryptography
T5 Elective Alternative Investment
T5 Elective Behavioral Sciences in Financial Markets
T5 Elective Financial Econometrics
T5 Elective Sustainable and Green Finance
T5 Elective Retail Financial Services
T6     Capstone Project

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