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B.A. (Hons.)

Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Program Overview

RV University offers a comprehensive B.A. course in Bangalore that encourages students to integrate subjects from across the academic spectrum. B.A. (Hons.) helps students excel in their chosen field of study while enriching their knowledge base with other skill sets that supplement the core domain. It is a degree programme of three-year duration, where students can pursue their majors in Film Studies, Performing Arts, History, Indology, Philosophy and Ethics, Politics and International Relations, or Literature and Languages in Bangalore.



While taking admission in B.A. (Hons.) you can choose your minors from subjects offered under B.Sc. programmes in School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Environmental Science




With Additional Minors from School of Economics and Finance and School of Design.

Course Categories and Credits

Course Categories Essential Total Credits
Foundation 50
Major 56
Minor/Electives 24
Internship 04
Experiential and Explore India Projects 04
Co-Curricular Activities 02


Language Learning (Foreign/ Indian), Value-Addition Electives and Workshops

What is ‘The Liberal Teaching Model’ followed by the best B. A. (Hons.) college in Bangalore??

  • Inter disciplinary knowledge that comes from multiple disciplines is an essential component of the Liberal Teaching Model. The model stresses the importance of understanding all disciplines and exploring connections between them. It also focuses on critical thinking and other 21st century skills and includes a focus on student-centred learning.

  • As students advance with an exponential increase of courses from Level-100 (Foundation) to Level-300 (Core Specialisation), teachers perpetually use new and trending teaching methods to approach the diverse range of student needs.

  • Pedagogies will vary across Subject Majors, and can range to mainly lectures for Level-100 subjects to case study discussions for Level-300 subjects. For e.g. courses that need practical knowledge will be held in performance/activity-led studio classes (Film studies, Performing Arts), while evidence based studies will have field work, site visits and report writing( Environmental Science, Indology).

  • Courses will vary between 2-4 Credits. Each Credit = 15 Hours. All 4 credit courses will span across 18 weeks and will feature 14-15 teaching weeks, and one mid-semester break.

  • Students will be evaluated based on continuous classroom assessment, mid-term assignments and a summative end-term examination.

  • A student graduating from the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences program will own a signature portfolio/ thesis that can be published and showcased for employment. As the output will be based on practical learning approaches and involves hands-on immersive activities, the research will be student-driven and results oriented.

B.A. (Hons.) Admission Requirements and Important Dates

RVU is one of the best B.A. colleges in Bangalore that does not discriminate based on ethnicity, colour, religion, sex, disability, age, or any factors other than academic matters. The University considers the past academic performance/ merit and equity as the guiding principles for admission in the various programmes of the University.

Indian & International Students


10+2 or equivalent (CBSE, ISC, IB, Cambridge, State Boards and other Govt. recognized boards)

Selection Criteria

Based on the performance in RVU
Selection Process

Important Dates of RVU Selection Process

March 31st, 2021

Commencement of B.A. (Hons.)

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Career Options after B.A. (Hons.) Course

Liberal Arts and Sciences gives flexibility and the opportunity to use your reasoning and communication abilities to pursue a wide range of career options.

A career in Liberal Arts and Sciences is indeed very lucrative as it nurtures the ability to think differently and have a better understanding of global issues, through multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills, thereby enabling a student to excel in their chosen field.

  • Entertainment & Creative Industries
  • Higher Education & Research
  • Psychologist
  • Sociologist
  • Civil Services
  • Journalism & Social Media Management
  • Writer / Author
  • Teacher/ Professor
  • Graphic Designer / Artist
  • Social Work & Public Policy
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Communications & Public Relations Specialist
  • Theatre & Dramatic Arts

How To Apply


Submission of Online Application

Apply Online to RVU on the prescribed application form (available in www.rvu.edu.in) by making an
online payment of Rs.1,000.


RV University Selection Process

Applicants will undergo RVU Selection Process depending on the course they have applied for and will be selected accordingly.


Selection letter

Subject to fulfilment of eligibility and admission criteria, applicants shall be issued a
selection letter.


Programme Registration

Successful applicants in the above selection procedure shall be registered to the programme after
receipt of registration fees as specified in the selection letter.


Provisional Admission Letter

Upon completion of the selection procedure for B.A. (Hons.) admissions, applicants shall be notified about the admission and a Provisional Admission Letter shall be issued.

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