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B.A. / B.Sc.

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B.A. / B.Sc.

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Programme Overview

BA/BSc. Our preferred pathway is the four year BLA (Hons.) programme. However, if the student decides to exit on successful completion of third year they will be awarded BA/BSc degree based on the subject area of specialisation. During the programme the students will get wide ranging opportunities to develop generic skills, internship exposure and in-depth knowledge in their specialism preparing them to face contemporary work and life challenges.



Students opting for B.A./ B.Sc. Major can choose Minors from any of the above listed Majors in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Additional Minors are also offered in Performing Arts, New Media, Sociology, Literature and Languages, Applied Mathematics, Economics [from School of Economics], and Design-based Minors [from School of Design and Innovation].

The offering of majors and minors will be subject to enrolment of a minimum quorum of students.


Course Categories and Credits

Course Categories Essential Total Credits
Foundation 42
Major 54 (48+6)
Minor/University Electives 24
Experiential Projects 04
Total 124


Co-Curricular/ Centre/ School Projects/ Sports

What is ‘The Liberal Teaching Model’ followed by the best B.L.A (Hons.) college in Bangalore?

  • Inter-disciplinary knowledge quests and multi-disciplinary lecture linkages are integral to the Liberal Education pedagogy across disciplines, along with accounting for training in essential 21st century skills like – creative writing, critical thinking, effective listening, cross-cultural understanding and empathetic communicating.

  • Complexity in teaching increases with every passing year from Level-100 [Foundation] to Level-300 [Core Specialisation]

  • Pedagogies will vary across Subject Majors and within courses/electives. Some Level-100 courses can be predominantly lectures led, while some Level-300 courses can only be case study discussions. For e.g. some Film and Performing Arts courses will be all performance/activity-led studio classes [acting, editing, etc.], while Environmental Science and India Studies will have field work, site visits and report writing.

  • Courses will vary between 2-4 Credits. Each Credit = 15 Hours. All 4 credit courses will span across 18 weeks and will feature 14-15 teaching weeks, and one mid-semester break.

  • Evaluation will be based on continuous classroom assessment, mid-term assignments and a summative end-term examination.

  • Practical output is integral to all teaching, involving hands-on immersive activities leading to the creation of signature student works in knowledge creation for evaluation. At the end of three years, every student along with their transcripts, will graduate with a signature portfolio / thesis work in their respective field for showcase, publication, industry review, and employment.

B.A / B.Sc Admission Requirements and Important Dates

RVU does not discriminate based on ethnicity, colour, religion, sex, disability, age, or any factors other than academic matters. The University considers the past academic performance/ merit and equity as the guiding principles for admission in the various programmes of the University.

Indian & International Students



10+2 or equivalent (CBSE, ISC, IB, Cambridge, State Boards and other Govt. recognized boards)


Selection Criteria

Based on the performance in RVSAT and RVU’s
Selection Process


Important Dates of RVU Selection Process

March 31st, 2021


Career Options after B.A / B.Sc Course

“It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing”. — Steve Jobs

Of all the knowledge pathways that a student can acquire, a Liberal Arts degree provides students with a learning that is truly interdisciplinary and future ready. With skills in reading, writing, thinking and feeling, a Liberal Arts graduate has the capacity to imagine out-of-the-box, not only to solve problems, but figure out the content and context of the task at hand. Applying knowledge creatively along with reason and critical thinking will make the Liberal Arts graduate open to many jobs and careers. A sample of careers that students would be able to consider are:

Academic Careers and Higher Education: Students can opt for a suitable Master’s Program, followed by a Doctoral Degree to pursue a career in teaching and research.

Writing and Consultancies: Think Tanks, Educational Consultants, Writers, Policy Makers, Entrepreneurs and in Research-driven/ Environmental Organisations

Human Services: Political Leaders, Counsellors, Social Workers, Civil Services (IAS Etc.), Non-Government Organisations, Advocacy and Civil Liberties, Campaign Managers

Publishing, Media and Communication: Editors, Writers, New Media Content Creators, Filmmakers, Journalists, Critics, Publicity Managers and careers in the Entertainment Industry

Others: Creative Writers, Corporate Sector Consultants, Cultural Curators, Museum Curators and careers in Theatre and Performance Arts

How To Apply


Register for RVSAT 2023*

(RV Scholastic Admission Test (RVSAT) is the national-level entrance exam for all UG and PG programmes of RV University).

Apply Online to RVSAT here: https://admissions.rvu.edu.in/


RV University Selection Process

Applicants will undergo the RVU Selection Process depending on the course they have applied for and will be selected accordingly.


Selection letter

Subject to fulfilment of eligibility and admission criteria, applicants shall be issued a selection letter.


Programme Registration

Successful applicants in the above selection procedure shall be registered to the programme after receipt of registration fees as specified in the selection letter.


Provisional Admission Letter

Upon completion of the selection procedure for B.L.A. admissions, applicants shall be notified about the admission and a Provisional Admission Letter shall be issued.

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