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B.A. (Hons.) Film Studies

Posted on January 18, 2024 by chandu

B.A. (Hons.) Film Studies

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B.A. (Hons.) Film Studies

School of Film, Media and Creative Arts

Course Overview

A Bachelor degree in Film Studies addresses the growing demand for graduates with new and diverse skills in the creation, curation and review of content, and a critical understanding of the role of visual media in all aspects of our lives. Film Studies is an interdisciplinary calling that began as a commitment to studying popular cinema seriously, and developing a rigorous approach towards theorizing, and advancing a critical consideration of the forms, styles and themes of World Cinema.

Today, Film Studies is a popular choice for students at all levels of higher education, with introductory curricula typically including studies in film history, film genres, national cinemas, film criticism and analysis, and film theory. Along with the theoretical, the course also offers introductory technical skills that are transferable to careers in the Entertainment and Creative Industries.

Career Destinations

Post-UG Career Destinations

Film Studies: Film Critic, Film Historian/ Researcher, Professor, Journalist/Vlogger, Content Creator, Film Festival Curator

Post-PG Combinations & Pathways

Film + MBA: Advertising, Media and Entertainment Industry, Studios and Production Houses, Corporate and Celebrity Public Relations, Social Media Management, Event Manager

Film + Philosophy/Psychology/Sociology: Researcher, Inter-disciplinary Professor

Film + Literature: Screenplay Writer, Script Writer, Content Writer, Film Journalist

Career Destinations

A combination of theoretical and technical skills that are transferable to a whole host of careers in the Entertainment Media, Creative Industries and Curation. A student can also pursue Higher Studies in Film, Media and Culture Studies as a researcher and teacher of cinema.

  • Film Criticism
  • Entertainment Journalism

Core Courses & Electives

Foundations and Instructions
SEM 1 1. Reading, Writing, Thinking and Storytelling
2. Classics of World Cinema
3. Basics of Photography and Filmmaking
4. Media Literacy and Ethics
5. Visual Communication and Aesthetics
6. Environmental Awareness
7. Happiness and Self-Awareness
SEM 2 8. Introduction to Acting
9. Introduction to Film
10. Introduction to Media
11. Introduction to Animation
12. Indian Constitution and Citizenship
SEM 3 1. Film Movements and National Cinemas
2. Introduction to Cinematography
3. Auteurs of Indian Cinema
4. Studying Bollywood
SEM 4 5. Appreciating Melodrama
6. Fundamentals of Filmmaking
7. Script, Screenplay and Storyboard
8. Studying Stardom
SEM 5 9. Film Theory
10. History of Hollywood – Studios, Genres and Classics
11. Film Adaptation
12. Indian Regional Cinemas
SEM 6 13. Acting, Music, Lyrics & Playback
14. Experimental Cinema
15. Film and Philosophy / Modern Indian Political Thought
16. Auteurs of World Cinema
SEM 7 17. Film Criticism and Curation
18. Documentary Making
19. The Business of Entertainment
20. Sociology of Cinema
SEM 8 Thesis (15,000 words)
Internships & Projects = TIFA/School Film Project; Crew & Volunteer in one Indian International Film Festival; IFFI Goa Student Delegate; Industry Internship; AD as Crew in Faculty Film Projects (Optional)

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